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I do random artsy things for the shizz and giggz

2011-11-30 15:25:00 by Ein457



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2011-12-02 08:35:34

ok than


2011-12-15 18:10:52

My friend, if i can call you so, your art is astonishing.

Ein457 responds:

ty very much.. ppl tend to like to pick my art appart


2011-12-23 17:20:19

So, your art doesn't reflect you as a bewbs man? :D I saw your most recent pic, the thumbnail was subtle with the bewbage. I clicked on it cause I thought it was gonna be something I didn't expect, and I was right. <_____> THEIR BEWBS WERE LIKE HUMONGOUS!

Ein457 responds:

dont wanna give up the goods too easily. LOL


2012-02-03 04:37:46

Hey, cheer up. Blah blah blah I'm not going to tell you any bullshit that you already know about people in general and all different opinions and people who don't draw but bitch anyway so GRAH.
I like your art, these voluptuous ladies are amazingly hot, nicely detailed, and colored pretty well.
So GRAH and don't be emo.

Ein457 responds:

Emo? emu? lol thanks for the words of admiration? XD


2012-02-03 04:40:58

Ah, and nice shadow. Reminds me of a mask that you can't tell what horrors lie behind...or mysteries.


2012-07-16 15:15:32


Ein457 responds:

Yes? and what would you like my son?


2013-08-17 02:47:57

Come back please.

Ein457 responds:

I'm sorry i just been a little busy and stressed with personal crap.. ill try to keep this as current as possible.


2013-08-19 10:31:40

Keep up the art good sir. They keep me alive.

Ein457 responds:

Lol oh shush you just like my boobies :P (thank you btw)


2015-01-10 00:29:14

I see my friend...I see...the force is strong with this one.


2015-12-03 22:52:42

Damn almost 1k fans! I appreciate your style and subject matter... just stay within proportions (overall)

Ein457 responds:

hmm i dont really upload here any more either :P
Thank you tho


2015-12-04 00:34:00

You're very welcome! You might not get many reviews, because your old fans here know your technique and appreciate it, on its own merits.
Thanks for uploading your stuff here when you can!